Who Am I…?

Hi there!


My name is Nicole and I have IBS.  Perhaps I start by saying the obvious, so I’m just going to say it…. I am so annoyed with by own GI system.

I feel as though my system is out to get me all the time. Its like having a constant enemy waiting to sabotage my daily routine at any moment.

I technically have been diagnosed with slight Crohn’s, with symptoms that often look and feel like IBS therefore the small army of medical professionals that I have been treated by over the years, will not fully diagnose me with either Crohn’s or IBS…. and its some bullshit.

I have found in the past two years of serious and continuous flare ups that resources are minimal and answers are scarce. So I figure, why not add to the collective confusion… and put my own two cents in!

I am not a doctor, I do not always have my IBS under control… but I am annoyed “as hell and…. I can’t take it anymore!” So come along this [i]BS journey with me!

xx Nicole